This organization is truly a blessing. You are the nicest people doing wonderful things for veterans like myself. It was not easy to be on this side of the equation where I was receiving help instead of giving it. It is extremely apparent that you care and believe in what you are doing. I cannot thank you enough for helping my with the water problem in my bathroom. It is such a relief that the mold is gone and potential for more serious mold issues are no longer a concern. With health issues in our house with the kids, I cannot tell you how much this is appreciated. I was not raised with religion, but there must be a special place in heaven for NRFV. You guys went way above and beyond and made it so much nicer than I could have imagined.

I want to express my sincere Thank You to each & everyone for the generous, much needed electrical repair to my broken old house! Your support, both emotionally & financially, are both heartfelt & powerful in helping Veterans to become more proactive in rebuilding, stabilizing our lives. Thank You so much for being present & open, not only in your community but to all of us out here! I am excited to be a part of your expansion & resource!
–Jody King, Lann, IL

I am so grateful for what the NRFV did for my home and my family. It was a godsend to have the work completed, I could have never done it myself.
– J. Spangnola, U.S. Marines

It was so nice to have my home repaired by NRFV. The work was professionally completed in a timely manner. The members were so friendly and so cheerful, it was such a pleasure to have them here.
– J. Burroway, U.S. Army, served in Vietnam

I would like to start by thanking all of the people from NRFV who helped me out when I was at a very tight and difficult time in my life. You came into my home and you were a God send. Your squad, because that’s about the number of people that got involved, truly accomplished the mission. I would go into a firefight with anyone of you. The saying LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND, should be, if it is not already, the motto of NRFV. At a time when I was in need, you my brothers in arms stepped forward. This is what patriotism looks like. I’ve always been proud to live in this country where the stars and the stripes represent the soul of its individual people and their ability to care for others.

Semper Fi.

– CPL Cullen Barry, USMC, Purple Heart National Defense Medal, The Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, The Vietnamese Campaign Medal, The Vietnamese Service Medal